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New Report on Measure F:

“From a consumer’s perspective, the Town’s takeover will have one primary impact: higher monthly water bills. The Town’s need to finance the acquisition and then fund operations and capital improvements on a “pay as you go” basis will necessarily result in a Revenue Requirement for the system that is higher than Liberty Utilities Apple Valley’ requirements, thus resulting in higher water rates for decades. The condemnation will also change the economics of real estate development in Apple Valley. The significantly higher developer costs will increase housing costs for Apple Valley residents or, alternatively, make real estate development economically unviable. For a community hard hit by the 2008 economic downturn, saddling residents with higher and more variable water rates and higher development costs is not the recipe for a community’s economic sustainability.”

– Rodney T. Smith, Ph.D.
President of Stratecom, Inc. & Director of the Lowe Institute of Political Economy at Claremont McKenna College

Click Here to Read the Full Report: “The Economic Consequences of the Town of Apple Valley’s Attempt to Condemn Liberty Utilities Apple Valley”


“Even if the $150 million Measure F bond level is sufficient, it could cost customers an extra $502 or $620 per year equal to $84 or $103 per bi-monthly bill. Voters should be hesitant to take such a risk.

– Economist John Husing

Click here to read the full report: “Review of Apple Valley Measure F – by Dr. John Husing, Ph.D.


“Advocates of government takeovers typically identify the elimination of ‘profits’ and taxes as two sources of financial benefits from a change in ownership. There is no sound basis in accounting or economics to support the expectation of real benefits to ratepayers, in the form of lower bills, from the elimination of these sources.”

– 2017 Analysis Group Study on Water Company Takeovers

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