As an Apple Valley voter, I oppose high debt related water fees. I’m voting No on Measure F.

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Why won’t politicians tell you how much Measure F will really cost you? Because according to Inland Empire economist Dr. John Husing, Measure F will cost every Apple Valley water customer between $502 and $620 a year. Read Measure F. You’ll find there’s a lot they aren’t telling you.

  • According to local economist Dr. John Husing, Measure F’s average increase in cost to customers would be “$502 or $602 per year … amounting to increases of 65.1% or 80.4%.” (Read the Husing Report)

  • Measure F lets Apple Valley borrow $150 million in new debt. Bonds would be repaid, with up to 12% interest, by ratepayers, through a new debt service fee added to your water bill.
  • Of Measure F’s $150 million, not a penny will be spent to provide safe, clean drinking water for residents.
  • Measure F will eliminate low-income water discounts that help seniors and working families. People on fixed incomes would lose the discount, plus have to pay the new debt service fee.
  • Measure F would eliminate the independent state water ratepayer watchdog, removing transparency and accountability.